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Cultural Calendar RSS Feed

ExperienceLA offers RSS Feeds for the Cultural Calendar! Browse our ready-made feeds, subscribe to a Partner RSS Feed, or use the Custom RSS Feed generator to create your own.


-Browse available RSS Feeds
-Click on the RSS icon RSS icon or RSS title to preview RSS Feed
-To subscribe to an RSS feed, copy RSS link from the text box (on the Preview Page) and paste into your RSS Reader.

What is RSS?

RSS commonly stands for "Really Simple Syndication." RSS uses technology called XML to deliver headlines and summaries to your desktop RSS reader or Web browser. More information can be found at Wikipedia. Find RSS readers on Google.

RSS Feeds

RSS "What's Hot" Events

Want to keep updated on "What's Hot" in LA? This RSS feed will send you ExperienceLA "What's Hot" events as they are published.

RSS Closing Events (Next 2 weeks)

Want to make sure you don't miss out on events before they end? This RSS feed will send you all current events that end within 2 weeks.

RSS Upcoming Events (Next 2 weeks)

Want to keep updated on all new upcoming events? This RSS feed will send you all events that start within 2 weeks.

Partner RSS Feeds

Like to know all the events happening at your favorite museum, theatre, or arts/cultural organization? ExperienceLA is now offering Partner RSS Feeds, so you can find out what's happening from your favorite ExperienceLA partners. Just look for the RSS icon on the organization's profile page.

Example: Alex Theatre

Create Custom RSS Feeds

Create your own custom RSS Feed! All Fields are Optional—select as many or few options as like to build your own custom calendar query.


 Step 1:  Select Criteria
single keyword/phrase (no commas)
 Step 2:  Create/Update Feed
 Step 3:  Copy Custom Feed
Your Feed: 
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