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Become An ExperienceLA.com Partner: Add Events and Destinations

ExperienceLA is a unique partnership of public and private sponsors and over 2,000 actively contributing arts and cultural partner organizations!

ExperienceLA partners can be arts and cultural organizations, public relations/publicity firms, businesses, non-profits, as well as individuals. So long as you have public arts and culture events to provide the ExperienceLA calendar or an arts/culture venue to add to our directory, you may apply to be partner.

It is absolutely free to become an ExperienceLA partner! There is no charge to apply, add events, or to place your venue in our directory. We only ask for partners with websites and other publicity materials to make a conscious effort to promote and bring awareness to ExperienceLA.com with use of ExperienceLA.com logos.

Our partners are categorized into two types: event contributors and directory listed. Both are able to add events to our calendar, but directory listed partners are those who have a physical venue that people can visit (e.g. a theatre, museum, etc.).

Step 1: Check 

Are you already a partner?

Check the ExperienceLA Partner Directory.   

Forgot your username/password?
Contact us

Step 2: Apply

Want to become a partner?
Fill out an  Online Account Application.*

The is NOT an event submission form.You are applying for a username/password account to add events to our calendar.  We will designate you as an event contributor or a destination 

Step 3: Approval

What happens after you submit your application?
Your application will be reviewed.  If approved, you will receive a log-in username/password and instructions in a separate email. 

Step 4: Add our Logo

Why Should You Add Our Logo?
Our website is a free public service. Your support is critical for its success!! 
Add an ExperienceLA.com logo or link to your website, event flyers, print brochures, or other marketing materials to help support this free service!

Add an Event!